Online Mandarin Chinese courses  

General Mandarin

 Learning  new skills 

  • Beginners' courses

  • Intermediate courses

  • Advanced courses


Conversational Chinese

 Expanding existing skills​

  • Business Chinese

  • Making preparations 

  • Job Interview practice​​

  • Conversation for travel and holiday


Intensive Chinese

The topics include:

  • Greetings; Introductions

  • Shopping; Transport

  • At the restaurant; At the hotel

  • Important signs in Chinese characters

More courses  

You can learn Chinese (Mandarin) from anywhere in the world with your own internet - connected computer.

Chinese for Beginners
Chinese courses for Beginners are concentrated on spoken Chinese. From complete Beginners' level to A1 and A2.

Intermediate and Advanced Mandarin
 Intermediate and Advanced Mandarin courses are designed to develop students' communication skills in listening, speaking, 

 reading and writing.  Interesting topics include introducing China, its culture and customs throughout the courses. More 

 Business Mandarin
In addition to basic language skills,  high level Business Chinese Mandarin focuses on commercial communication, specific terms  for specific industries. e.g financial etc to help learners to develop language skills and in a relevant business situation.

Intensive Chinese
 A typical language course for Beginners and those intending to travel to China is from 6 hours (basic) or more, if required for a more

 comprehensive course. Topics will include greetings and introductions, important signs in Chinese characters, customs, etiquette


Mandarin levels